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[1.13.2] IItemColor help + Ore Dictionary


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I made a topic talking about having a generic item model. I learnt it would be pretty hard to do that so I have met it half-way:

Each new item material has its own model file, but the content inside it is identical to one another. I'm making a new post due to the old one became cold and nothing happened and my question has changed somewhat. So here goes:


The full idea was to have one superclass which will make an ingot (+ nugget), dust (+ tiny) and plate item when extended:




 * @TODO
 * Should register an dust (+ tiny), ingot (+ nugget), plate.
 * Is going to be a extension of this class to make code shorter.
public class ItemElement extends Item implements IItemColor
    protected int tint;

    public ItemElement(String name, String oredict, int tint)
        super(new Item.Properties().group(IntercraftItemGroups.RESOURCES));

        this.tint = tint;
        setRegistryName(name + "_ingot");

    public int getColor(ItemStack itemStack, int tint)
        return Color.GREEN.getRGB();


Example usage (most of the child class' content is due to change):


public class Uranium extends ItemElement
    public Uranium()
        super("u", "uranium", 0x92d67d);

    public void inventoryTick(ItemStack stack, World worldIn, Entity entityIn, int itemSlot, boolean isSelected)
        int amp = 0;

        if (isSelected)
            amp = 1;

        PotionEffect effect = new PotionEffect(MobEffects.POISON, 60, amp);
        if (entityIn instanceof EntityPlayer)
            ((EntityPlayer) entityIn).addPotionEffect(effect);


The ones without any special properties are simply going to be initialized instead of making a new class for it.



I have been trying for a while to have the item change colour like how Minecraft colour their potion flasks' content. The code I wrote now I expected it would at least change the tint of the item to green, but to no avail:





Something I wonder too is how Ore Dictionary now works. The idea was to add the prefix of the item and the type: "ingotCopper", "dustUranium", etc.

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