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Any good tutorials on Entities?


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Hi all! Again, pardon my English, and any noobish stuff I may say.


I've been looking for some good explanation on Entities in general and I can't find any. I've found lots of tutorials on how to make mob Entities (apparently that's a popular thing), but none on Entities as a whole. I'm much more interested in entities like the minecart. I want to know what I can do with entities and how far I can go. I want to test and experiment as much as possible. But I really dont have any interest at all in living Entities (I think vanilla has enough of those).


I tryed to read the classes themselves. But minecraft was coded in a very unusual way. I even think that a lot of it's code should have been written in a radically different form.


Anyway, it's quite confusing without some explanation on the code, so I was hoping someone could maybe give me a link to a good tutorial on Entities.


Thanks a lot!

WIP mods: easyautomation, easyenergy, easyelectronics, easymoney, easytrasportation, easysecurity, easymultiverse, easyfactions, easymagick, easyalchemy, easyseasons

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