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Forge 1.12: Was working fine, suddenly unplayable.

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I've been playing on forge for these last couple of days, and it's been running perfectly. I'm playing single player with 14 mods installed (list below). Last night when I turned off my machine, it was working, once again, perfectly. No sign of any performance issue whatsoever. Get on it this morning, having not changed anything at all, and Minecraft is completely unplayable, even in a new world or in a Superflat world with minimal object enabled.


It's so bad to the point where I can get up and do something else in the time it takes for the pause menu to open. There are occasional spikes lasting 1-2 seconds of it running fine, but the rest of the time I'm completely stuck. Can't look around, can't walk, can't open the inventory. Nothing. Menu and home screen work fine. World's create and load fine, take normal time to close. It's only playing the game itself that lags horrifically, even without a single mod item in the game world. Nothing else on my computer is having this issue in any way. 


Once again I'd like to make it clear that I have made no changes in any way to my computer or to Minecraft between when I closed the game last night, and now - when it is totally unplayable.


Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I've enjoyed using these mods for the last few days and I'd hate for it to suddenly have to go.


The mods I have installed are:

  • Industrial Craft 2
  • Immersive Engineering 
  • Custom NPCs 
  • Vic's Modern Warfare mod
  • Immersive Vehicles
  • Immersive Vehicles official pack
  • Immersive Vehicles Trin parts pack
  • Immersive Vehicles Civil car pack
  • Immersive vehicles military car pack
  • df roads mod


I am playing forge for 1.12.2 and all of the mods are in the most recent release version for 1.12.2



After removing all of the mods and trying again, there's no lag at all. I'll work through them to see when the lag starts to appear, but I'd still like to see if there's a way to fix it without removing any of the mods for good. As I said, it was completely fine yesterday. Very strange that it starts to lag so badly after being fine.

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On 6/4/2019 at 1:57 PM, diesieben07 said:

That should not be possible. Are you sure you are looking at the correct game directory? What launcher are you using?

I'm on Mac if that makes any difference.


The path to the folder I'm looking in is (username) > Library > Application Support > Minecraft > Logs

Which on Windows is equivalent to (Username)>App data > Minecraft > Logs (or whatever the path is, I know it vaguely)


Looking today, there are logs from when I've been playing recently - however there were none when I looked before. Hence why I only offered the 'logs' that I could see in the Minecraft folder.


I thank you for your interest in helping. IDK what was going on but it seems to have corrected itself.

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