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[1.13.2] Basic Mod Guides


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Hey Peeps,


I'm wondering if there are any good guides on doing a couple of things when modding Minecraft. I've seen the basics on creating items and textures and what not and I'm hoping to get a bit more involved if possible.


Can anyone explain how the following works or perhaps provide a couple of good guides on how to do the following? A lot of the issues I seem to come across when searching for guides is that they are out of date.


Firstly Keybindings:

  • How can I add a new key binding?
  • Is it possible to change the default of a keybinding? (For example, change Jump to be J by default)
  • Add the keybinding to be changeable through the Minecraft UI?
  • How keys are detected and if I need to disable enable detection at certain points?


Changing the UI:

  • So by default, the hotbar has 9 items. How easy would it be to change this to be 8 or 10 items by default?
  • What if I want a second hotbar that you can cycle through using a key on the keyboard?
  • How about creating a second inventory that opens on a different key press?


Saving user data:

  • Not sure if this happens automatically but if I wanted a custom experience to be rewarded and saved, is it possible and how?
  • Can I save any type of data on the user?


As you can probably guess there's more I'd love to know, but this would be  a great start.





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You can save data on a player using a capability. I suggest you look at the official documentation: https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/1.13.x/datastorage/capabilities/

You can also look at this tutorial:

While it is outdated I have found it to still be of help!

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Youtube tutorials are usually not reliable as many creators take shortcuts which are not very appreciated on this Forum.

An amazing source for information in addition to the ones named by GloriousAlpaca are Minecraft classes and methods themselves and other mods which have an open Github.

I think key bindings are saved in the options.txt which you could edit.

I would not recommend changing the default Ui as changing minecraft code may make other mods incompatible.

Opening a second inventory or a second hotbar is possible by drawing a ui for the hotbar and having a custom container and gui for the inventory.

If you want to save data to the player you need to make your own capability which you attach to the player.

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For a custom capability you need to have an Interface, Default implementation, Storage, Provider and a Factory.

If you want to attach the capability to a player you will need to use an attachcapability event and register it in your main mod class.

If your Player is teleported or respawns you will also have to manage your capability so you dont lose data.


Here is an example:




Ignore wrong grammar...


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On 6/9/2019 at 1:27 AM, diesieben07 said:

Simply create a new instance of KeyBinding in FMLClientSetupEvent.

Is there anything wrong with having this in a static initialiser in a static client event subscriber instead?

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