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Dependency Issue


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I am trying to create a mod that uses the Gases Framework mod as a dependency. I have downloaded that mods source and as instructed created a dev build and then added it to the /libs folder and the build.gradle.


when I go to compile the mod I'm met with the following error: https://pastebin.com/wybu3Ugc


My build.gradle: https://pastebin.com/cmwBTHAX


I then added Gases Framework to the build path as an external jar


Not sure where I have gone wrong though?

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Hi _BlackMage_,


if following lines in the build.gradle of the framework not exists, add them:


task deobfJar(type: Jar) { // Generate deobfuscated
    from sourceSets.main.output
    classifier = 'deobf'


artifacts {
    archives deobfJar
    archives jar


if you then recompile the framework you should get a jar with a name that end with deobf.jar.


Drop the deobf.jar in the libs folder with your dependencys and try to recompile your mod.


I hope I could help you with my crappy english?.


Have a nice day,



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