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[1.13.2] Send extra information to an Entity's doRender method


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I want to change how an Entity is rendered based on some conditions in the world when it's spawned. I tried adding a Tag to it right before calling spawnEntity, but then, in the Entity's doRender method, the size of the tags is 0.


Here's what I tried with the Tags.

toSpawn.addTag(message.blockSide); // message.blockSide is a string that tells what side of a block it's being spawned on


Then, in the Entity's rendering class' doRender method:

Set<String> tags = entity.getTags();
System.out.println("Tags length: " + tags.size()); // Prints "Tags length: 0"


What are some ways I can accomplish this?

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Okay, looking over tags I can't find any explanation of how they're used.


However, I did suddenly realize that I could store the information in the entity's class... except, I can't. When I try to access what I've stored it's null, which means that the instance of the Entity used in doRender and the instance used when I spawn it in the world are two different ones, even when I store it in the entity's class after it's spawned.


I'm not quite sure what to do now!

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9 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

If the data does not change and only needs to be sent at spawn you can implement IEntityAdditionalSpawnData on your entity instead.

Awesome, that's what I need! I spent a while looking at Capabilities, but I guess that's not the solution. I'll take a look at IEntityAdditionalSpawnData!


Thanks! :)


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