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  1. First off... I do have to use 1.8.9 because that's what the server is on. I'm using Forge 1.8.9- with the classpaths from the 2.1 snapshot. I'm trying to make a client-side inventory managing mod. I can move ItemStacks around fine in single-player, but I don't think that's gonna cut it for multiplayer. I've looked through the mod InventoryTweaks (1.8.9 version), but none of the packets reveal anything. I'd rather not look through the entire mod because it's pretty complex. I looked at the vanilla packets, but I can't find anything either. Two vanilla packet
  2. So really, I should just use floats in most cases. I'm not super experienced in Java, and everything I found online suggested that you should use doubles by default and floats only in really intensive programs.
  3. Minecraft is written using float instead of double, and I assume it's to speed up calculations. Do I need to worry about that, or only if my mod does a ton of calculations? Are modern computers good enough that it doesn't matter?
  4. Assuming you're on Windows, you can get it by pressing the Windows key (the four boxes near the Alt and Ctrl keys on the left) and the R key at the same time, then typing in %appdata% and pressing enter, then opening the Roaming folder, then the .minecraft folder, then the logs folder, then copying the contents of latest.log to Pastebin or Gist or uploading the file somewhere.
  5. If you mean specifying the level of tool needed to break it, that's in the Block.Properties class. Take a look at the Materials (might be just Material) class to help. I'm not at my computer right now, but I'm pretty sure all that's correct.
  6. It never occurred to me to check the bounding boxes - I'll bet this had something to do with me not setting the proper origin in Blockbench. Thanks!
  7. Go to https://pastebin.com/ and paste the contents of the debug.log file into the big area, then click "Create New Paste", then copy the link to the page and post it here.
  8. An Entity has a total height value. It also has an eye height value. I took what you said to mean that the eye height value is a percentage of the total height value. So, if an Entity's height is 10, and it has an eye height of .6, the Entity's eye height would be 60% of 10 (which of course is 6). However, that wouldn't make sense when the Entity's eye height is greater than 1, which the EntityPlayer's is (when standing it's 1.62). So, to try and reconcile this, I just looked at some other Entities. This may look like a long post, but it's nothing complicated. If you don't want to
  9. I found this explanation here That's from here: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-103633
  10. I don't think that's the case because a Player's eye height is normally 1.62. I played around with my entity some more, and now I'm confident it's related to my model or the entity rendering. The larger I set its scale (ModelRenderer::render), the higher it is. I think there must be some empty space beneath it that for some reason is part of the model. Here's my model class, can anyone provide some insight into why it's doing this? @OnlyIn (Dist.CLIENT) public class ModelMyEntity extends ModelBase { private final ModelRenderer main; private final ModelRenderer nose_pyra
  11. EDIT: I'VE DECIDED THIS DOESN'T HAVE TO DO WITH THE EYE HEIGHT LIKE I SAID IN THIS OP, SO GO TO THIS POST IN THIS THREAD TO SEE THE LATEST DETAILS: I'm trying to spawn an Entity at a Player's eye height. Here's the y-level I'm trying to use: player.posY + (double)player.getEyeHeight() - (double)0.1F That's pulled directly from a constructor in the EntityArrow class. However, it's spawning the Entity way too high. If I replace the above statement with 0.95 it spawns at pretty much exactly eye level, but the eye level of a Player is supposedly 1.62 everywh
  12. This seems to be your problem. According to the documentation here, the proper type is "minecraft:crafting_shaped", not "crafting_shaped". It looks like that by leaving off "minecraft:" the game assumes you are using a custom recipe, which is why it's looking for the recipe type "sm:crafting_shaped" ("sm" must be your modid). If you're trying to use a custom recipe type, perhaps the name you gave it in your _factories.json file isn't "crafting_shaped" because you had a typo. On another note, it would be good to get a longer modid. You might be using a two-letter one bec
  13. Here's some code with explanations on how to send packets from the client to the server that I threw together. Sending a packet from the server to a client seems to use the same concepts. From the Forge documentation: // Sending to one player ModPacketHandler.INSTANCE.send(PacketDistributor.PLAYER.with(playerMP), new ExamplePacket()); // Send to all players tracking this chunk ModPacketHandler.INSTANCE.send(PacketDistributor.TRACKING_CHUNK.with(chunk), new ExamplePacket()); // Sending to all connected players ModPacketHandler.INSTANCE.send(PacketDistributor.ALL.noArg(), new E
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