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Delusions and insanity involved with this series, watch if you dare

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Maybe someone's interested in addition to playing Minecraft all day long, watching some videos with crazy commentary as well.


(if yes then hi:D)

... and listen to this:


A man with a really strange brain finds himself on an island in the middle of nowhere. He has no memories of his past and he's experiencing an emotional roller-coaster. Can he make it or is it his destiny to die in this Minecraft hellhole?


The series is going to be fun and random, but it's gonna involve a lot of deep issues like how to cope with loneliness and mental illnesses or how to solve puzzles. But don't be afraid, it's going to be funny most of all. Haha.


You, viewers, can change the course of series by leaving constructive feedback and your recommendations or ideas in the comments. New videos are coming up soon, pilot has been launched already.


And the main question is: are there aliens in the hellhole?


Check out the first video:



Gonundrum  :)

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