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The game crashed whilst initializing game


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Been trying to play the newest forge version for 1.14.2 aaaaand this is what i'm getting every time I load the game. I added a screenshot of the mods I'm using. This error seems to just come up when im loading...more than 5 to 10 mods...?



Edit: Okay...after a few minutes I thought I found the problem, being that one mod was the issue (MineMenu) I was wrong. This just seems to happen when I load 10 or more mods, I could be wrong about that tho. Gonna try each mod one by one and see which one is the problem, if any of them are...


mods im using.PNG



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14 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

The file names of your mods highly suggest you are not getting them from their original sources.

Check out StopModReposts on why this is a problem and replace the mods with their official versions.

Not sure if curse forge is the OG source for the mods but I went and downloaded the mods from there...and still getting round about the same issue. Tried the mods one by one out of the mods folder to see if any of em are causin issues, doesn't seem like im gettin anywhere.

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