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[1.14.2] Proper way to remove active potion effects from player


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I'm porting my mod to 1.14.2, and I have an item that clears negative potion effects.


This works:

entity.removePotionEffect(Effect.get(2));  //Slowness

entity.removePotionEffect(Effect.get(4));  //Mining Fatigue

entity.removePotionEffect(Effect.get(7));  //Instant Damage

entity.removePotionEffect(Effect.get(9));  //Nausea

entity.removePotionEffect(Effect.get(15)); //Blindness

entity.removePotionEffect(Effect.get(17)); //Hunger


I read in a post somewhere that this is bad form, because the ID numbers can change.   If have my items that give potion effects using them by name, such as:


player.addPotionEffect(new EffectInstance(Effects.NIGHT_VISION, (int) 2400, (int) 0));


I cannot find where in the sources to form a remove potion effect by name however.


Thank you in advance.





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