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Help opening Container to Player


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I just need some clarification with opening a container to the player.

I am trying to make a custom Crafting Table, I registered all my custom recipes in a custom Registry, but now I need to open the Container.

Currently I am calling this:

    public boolean onBlockActivated(BlockState state, World worldIn, BlockPos pos, PlayerEntity player, Hand handIn, BlockRayTraceResult hit) {
        BlockPos playerPos = player.getPosition();
        double distance = pos.distanceSq(playerPos);
        if(player.isCreative() && distance <= 5 || !player.isCreative() && distance <= 3) {
            ServerPlayerEntity playerEntity = null;
            if (!worldIn.isRemote) {
                for (ServerPlayerEntity entity : worldIn.getServer().getPlayerList().getPlayers())
                    if (entity.getUniqueID().equals(player.getUniqueID())) {
                        playerEntity = entity;
                NetworkHooks.openGui(playerEntity, new CulinaryWorkbenchContainerProvider(pos));
            return false;
        return true;

This goes to my CulinaryWorkbenchContainerProvider:

public class CulinaryWorkbenchContainerProvider implements INamedContainerProvider {
    private BlockPos pos;

    public CulinaryWorkbenchContainerProvider(BlockPos pos) {
        this.pos = pos;

    public ITextComponent getDisplayName() {
        return ITextComponent.Serializer.fromJson("culinaryworkbench.name");

    public Container createMenu(int windowID, PlayerInventory playerInventory, PlayerEntity playerEntity) {
        return new CulinaryWorkbenchContainer(windowID, playerInventory, new PacketBuffer(Unpooled.buffer(8, 8)).writeBlockPos(pos));

And then my Container:

public CulinaryWorkbenchContainer(int windowId, PlayerInventory playerInventory, PacketBuffer extraData) {
    super(ContainerType.CRAFTING, windowId);

Is this the correct usage?


It seems that MinecraftServer#getPlayerList() is returning null, how else can I get the ServerPlayerEntity instance?

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6 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

Why...? What even?

You already have the player as a parameter...


Assuming you are in 1.14.2 (you didn't specify) you need to register a IScreenFactory for your ContainerType using ScreenManager.registerFactory.

I am in 1.14.2, thanks for telling me this.


Yes, I know the code is stupid, but what gets passed to me is a PlayerEntity, and I need a ServerPlayerEntity for NetworkHooks#openGui(). 


I just realized I forgot !world.isRemote when I did that, my problem is fixed now by casting player to ServerPlayerEntity server-side.

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after doing an instanceof check I hope

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