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[SOLVED] Public static variable?


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Would it be possible to make the Item name a variable, for example...


var1 = Iron


public static itemAxe + var1 = new itemAxe(9000) etc.


So it would read it as itemAxeIron.

How could I do this and would it even be possible with forge?

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Alright, I'm making a weapon mod where in the config all you have to do is add a new weapon material and your ore can be crafted into my mods weapons.

So in my main mod file I'm trying to find a way to run through all the weapon mats and make a weapon for each.

Here's the code I have so far it works in every way I want it to except I can't add an in-game name to the item...



removed code because I'm paranoid someone will steal it



In my weapon mats file they are set up as an array so that's why you see weaponMats[ ].

Just point me in the direction of the code that adds a name to an item and I should be able to figure the rest out.


edit: figured it out, should probably try doing it myself before crying for help  ;D

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