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[1.14.3] Client-Server handshake goes wrong


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Hello fellow modders,


What does the forge server expect for handshaking?

If I try to send the normal handshake with the adress: "localhost\0FML\0", which worked in 1.12.2, but now it just responds with the play packet 26: "SDisconnectPacket".

This results in the client throwing the error: Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.IOException: BadPacket id 26.


Perhaps the handshake was changed in the forge rewrite?


My code for the handshake:

			byte[] protocolVersionBytes = McPacketOutEncoder.encodeVarInt(490);
			byte[] serverAdressBytes = McPacketOutEncoder.encodeString("localhost\0FML\0");
			short port = 25565;
			byte[] portBytes = new byte[2];
			portBytes[0] = (byte) (port & 0b0000000011111111);
			portBytes[1] = (byte) ((port & 0b1111111100000000) >>> 8);
			byte[] nextStateBytes = McPacketOutEncoder.encodeVarInt(2);
			byte[] newPacketData = new byte[protocolVersionBytes.length + serverAdressBytes.length + 2 + nextStateBytes.length];
			System.arraycopy(protocolVersionBytes, 0, newPacketData, 0, protocolVersionBytes.length);
			System.arraycopy(serverAdressBytes, 0, newPacketData, protocolVersionBytes.length, serverAdressBytes.length);
			newPacketData[0 + protocolVersionBytes.length + serverAdressBytes.length] = portBytes[0];
			newPacketData[1 + protocolVersionBytes.length + serverAdressBytes.length] = portBytes[1];
			System.arraycopy(nextStateBytes, 0, newPacketData, protocolVersionBytes.length + serverAdressBytes.length + 2, nextStateBytes.length);
			byte[] packetIDBytes = McPacketOutEncoder.encodeVarInt(0);
			int packetLength = packetIDBytes.length + newPacketData.length;
			byte[] packetLengthBytes = McPacketOutEncoder.encodeVarInt(packetLength);
			byte[] handShakePacket = new byte[packetLength + packetLengthBytes.length];
			System.arraycopy(packetLengthBytes, 0, handShakePacket, 0, packetLengthBytes.length);
			System.arraycopy(packetIDBytes, 0, handShakePacket, packetLengthBytes.length, packetIDBytes.length);
			System.arraycopy(newPacketData, 0, handShakePacket, packetLengthBytes.length + packetIDBytes.length, newPacketData.length);



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My code is already working. I like to have a simple solution for the user. Hamachi is to much efford for some users. In 1.12.2 forge server are working. Vanilla servers are also working. They're also working in newer minecraft versions. Only the forge server makes problems...

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