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Bow Problem


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Hi, it's me again, I've been adding some things to my first mod including bows and the problem is that when i have a simple registericon method in class, i.e:

public void updateIcons(IconRegister iconRegister)
         iconIndex = iconRegister.registerIcon(myModName+":"+"myCustomBow");

it works filne (except for the pull animation), but when i implement updateIcons from ItemBow, it says

[WARNING] [Minecraft-Client] TextureManager.createTexture called for file textures/items/myCustomBow.png, but that file does not exist. Ignoring.

The filename is still the same and it didn't change location, so i'm starting to worry about my understanding of that method... If anyone could help i would be graceful, thanks a lot in advance :)


P.S. forgot to put the implementation in here

public void updateIcons(IconRegister par1IconRegister) {


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The method itself looks fine. It will search for myCustomBow.png in the following folder structure:


mcp/src/mods/myModName/textures/items/myCustomBow.png - if You already have a folder structure like so,

You probably just have a typo somewhere in Your code.


One thing I'm not sure: are You changing vanillla ItemBow code?

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Nope, i'm not changing it, sometimes overriding (updateIcons method mostly, just to use a fixed icon), but not changing a bit :). Starting to look for typo :).



The thing is, that in the basic item updateIcons method i'm using the same filename as in the array method, but in the singled icon method (i'm overusing this word a bit right now xD) it works, spellchecked few times.



Ok, at last fount the seed of the problem, but still don't know how to fix it, when i'm registrering iconIndex  it works, but when it's an Array it doesn't (even thou i'm calling a native method working for vanilla bow, i even tried to make that bow just by using vanilla ItemBow class it didn't work, and the warning remained the same).



Now that i wrote that, i realized i made many useless classes unless i add an +* system that will use the same icon for axe etc on different upgrades... Decided to give up on bows for now and rewrite whole code, because i made some noobish error that i'm ashamed of now xD. Thanks for Your attention ;) i do appreciate that.



Code was revised, but the pull_0 etc won't load, the names are fixed, so are the textures. nothing overrides iconupdate etc.

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