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Minecraft forge 1.14.3 doesn't create version


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Hello, I'm a long time minecraft player and I've used forge up until 1.9, when it used to work great. Since then I'd taken a break from minecraft but now I'm back and I want to try forge with 1.14
I installed minecraft, ran it once to get the official 1.14.3 version built (json and jar are there), I tried many different versions of forge for 1.14.3 but none of them seems to create the version forge-xxxx that is the modded version. It does though create the "forge" profile, but when I try to edit this profile (or manually create a new profile) and add the forge-xxxx version in there, it does not appear anywhere in the "Use version" list:


(I checked all places  in this list including below release 1.0)

When I try to run the forge profile with "Use latest version" or "release 1.14.3" the game just launches vanilla with no forge features.

Also, in the .minecraft folder the forge 1.14.3 version folder only has a json; not a jar, like previous versions had as far as I remember, although after some reading this appears to be a feature with newer forge versions. Nonetheless, I just want a working forge installed profile so I can mount mods to 1.14.3. Maybe there's a way to install the appropriate forge-xxxx version manually or maybe I'm doing something wrong in the install process, I dunno.


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1 minute ago, diesieben07 said:
  • Did you scroll the list all the way to the bottom?
  • What launcher are you using? Please provide a screenshot.
  • The jar file has not been needed (or created) for a few versions now. All it ever was was a copy of the vanilla jar to work around launcher limitations, which are long gone.

Yes I did scroll all the way
I'm using Titan launcher 5.8.0

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