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Capability values get reset?(1.12.2)


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So I'm trying to add stats to my mod using a mixture of capabilities to save the values and events to set attribute modifiers, but I'm having this universal problem with all my stats where when i exit out the game and re enter the capability value gets reset.
this is one of the events that i use for stats ^

in it the value healthStatCap gets reset when i exit mc and re enter, I think it has something to do with my capabilities so im going to put my capability code here too >

here is  the capability interface, capability implementation, the provider, and the IStorage class


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1 hour ago, Meldexun said:

The healthStatCap variable in your HealthStat event is always 0 at the beginning. When your event gets called the first time it sets the value of healthStat from your capability to healthStatCap + 1 (0 + 1 = 1).

I didn't think that would make it reset, its weird I didn't think of that tbh but thanks it works now

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1 hour ago, diesieben07 said:

How would it not reset? It's just a field in a class. When you create an instance of the class it will be set to the initial value: 0. I am not sure what this is trying to achieve, but you cannot share data like this. Your event class exists once there is one value for these fields for all players.

i have reset the value to get the capability of the player which is initially 0, would that work? I haven't tried it online yet

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