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[1.14.3] Can't get player list on the server


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Hello, I'm having an issue getting the player list server-side.
I am calling: ServerLifecycleHooks.getCurrentServer().getPlayerList()
But once I build the jar file and run it on a server, when the function gets called, it results in: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.getPlayerList()
I'm have tried multiple older versions of forge to no avail, I'm currently on the latest available build as of this post. (1.14.3-27.0.57)

Any help on the issue would be greatly appreciated! Thank You

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You are most likely correct having it being an issue related to building.
I am using a shadowJar as I require some external dependencies, which is something I've never touched until recently.
As far as I have learned, everything needs to be re-obfuscated including the dependencies but I'm probably doing something wrong in my build.gradle
Speaking of, if a copy of my build.gradle is required, would it be more convenient to send it as plain text or an attachment in a reply? Thanks

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Here you go: https://pastebin.com/JBKQ6pYC
There's probably many things wrong with it as I've been trying a lot of things for hours now.
Also, as this is a test mod as of now, I haven't named the mod yet so I'm currently using temporary names which is something I plan on changing as soon as it starts working.

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I've resolved the issue, this is what I get for not properly researching into how shadowJar works and what Forge does when building a mod.
It turns out that I was previously having issues with executing 'build' so I executed 'shadowJar' which output a jar that loaded with only some features working. (super dumb mistake, I know)
Ever since I added that the build depends on shadowJar, I didn't even think to simply run 'buid' again.

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