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Help! Won't Load!/ Loading World Forever 1.5.1

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I am not sure if there is a mod that is conflicting but it used to all work fine but now it said that forge error about it being broken or optifine not working I know I installed the most updated of both so I don't understand what it could be because really I can't get it to load :< Like if I make a new world and I checked I don't see any ID errors but I don't see any so it has to be some forge issue or conflict... any help? (sorry I keep posting just trying to put as much info up so people know everything to better help the issue)

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I had similar issue in the past, and it was caused by one of the mods misbehaving. You have two choices:

- figure out which mod is misbehaving and just remove it,

- make a thread dump from Java (if you know how) and see where is it getting stuck.


To figure out, which mod is misbehaving, remove half of the mods, try creating a world, if it works, the misbehaving one is in the removed ones, if it doesn't, it's in the ones still in, keep halving the number of mods added/removed to pinpoint the mod that doesn't work.

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