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Making passive vanilla creatures attack [1.12.2]


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Hi, I've been trying to make passive vanilla creatures become agressive. I have managed to make them start targeting whatever I want by editing their AI tasks inside the EntityJoinWorldEvent, however after the animals run up to their target they just stand looking at (following) it. My thoughts were that they probably needed some attribute modification, for example giving them attack damage or speed. However, upon closer inspection I found, that they dont seem to have said attributes at all. So I tried adding them, but that didn't help. So my question is whether there is some simple way to make the passive mobs actually hit others and not just target them? Thank you in advance for any help

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20 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

You'll have to write your own subclass of EntityAIAttackMelee. The default one uses EntityLivingBase#attackEntityAsMob, which does nothing for passive mobs.

Ah, ok, Ill get to it, thanks a lot!

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