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1.14.4 Forge Not Appearing


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So i installed forge for 1.14.4 but when i open my launcher the forge version doesnt appear... Its only showing me simple 1.14.4 without forge.. The forge profile is not there


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i have the same problem. I'm installing it with installer and then i launch the game but there not a 1.14.4 forge version. I try to install manuel with universal but i have the same problem. when i get in to versions there are forge folder but there is not a .jar file there is only a notpad named 1.14.4 forge. I've been trying to install it since 2 days but there is no solution. I tried to delete .minecraft and launch 1.14.4 then install forge and launched again but no surprise, there is no forge version again. There is only a profile with nothing. Pls fix it (forge version is not at the bottom too)

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