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1.14.4 FORGE 28.0.45 Mods randomly not loading properly


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Running 1.14.4 forge 28.0.45



Some mods are loading in game (I can use them, interact etc.) but after a reload (closing then starting minecraft again) they sometimes do not load (forge says it detects missing registries as though the mod was removed) even though nothing has changed. 

I have tried removing the mods that seemed to have the issue but i quickly realized it just chooses a mod to mess with at random. For instance, I started a game and it told me one of my storage mods was missing. The tab for the mod was there but it was completely blank. I close the game and restart it. The storage mod is back but now my furniture mod (which was fine before) is missing. I attached screen snips of the blank mod tab and the missing registries while showing the mod is still in the folder. I usually am able to pick out a mod which is causing an issue but I am at a loss with this one.







This is the Last Log file --> https://pastebin.com/EfNyTfUT

Unfortunately the one called 'Latest' is too large to upload


I hope this is all the info your need.

Thank you



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I have spent about 20 hours on this topic so find myself in a unique position to answer your question.


this happens when the mod requires recompile for the breaking changes that happened in a recent forge version.  The mod causing the problem never shows up in the crash or stacktraces, some random or seemingly random  mod every time.


The one I know for sure on your list is angel rings.  You have some mods I didn’t test.  So I can’t say in those.  


You basically have to get a stable base that does work and add one mod at a time.  If you look at a mods issues you may a see a report from me if it needs updating, check closed issues too because they may have glanced at it and not taken it seriously yet.


Here is my list of known working mods.


I got up to 130 - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/the-adventures-of-halk

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