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[1.13.2] Override ContainerItem Temporarily? [Solved]


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The easiest way to explain what I mean is probably an illustration so I'll just do that:


Here I use one item to "fill" two other items, and the crafting recipe works as intended; the two empty cups get removed and the empty mug stays




But here, I want to "mix" two items and keep the same amount of "containers" but currently it duplicates them by leaving the container items behind and creating two more in the form of the output.




Technically the ContainerItem code is working as "intended" but, is there a way to temporarily override the container item in this instance, or just remove the item from the crafting matrix after pulling the result out?

And what if I want to do this with vanilla items, too (e.g. mixing a custom "bucket" item with a vanilla milk bucket, to where two new bucket items would pop out, and both of the leftover vanilla buckets containers should be removed


I've tried doing both clear and decrStackSize on the PlayerEvent.ItemCraftedEvent.craftMatrix but neither seemed to work.

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