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Hopper Item Sorter / Auto Sorting Storage


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Fully automated item sorting for storage.


We tried to make it as compact as possible.


And with as minimal resources as was needed.

(you can leave out some hoppers down to chests ofcouse, but I left some room to make things easier to see.)


It will never jam the system since it can handle overflow when all chests are full for an item.

Thats why the redstone is inverted for each hopper to the other side, so that redstone/torches don't touch there neighbours.


To place chests next together alternate with chest and locked chests.


We spend about a week working on sorting storages, and this design is the outcome.


Please keep in mind that mass amounts of chests/signs/hoppers/item frames reduce FPS.

So don't overdo yourselves and make your storage near unplayable :)


I created this in creative singleplayer. And soon will be making a grand storage on our server with this design.


World download:


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