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Trying to run a modded minecraft server for either 1.12.2 or 1.7.10, mods not working/server stops


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Hello, I just recently created an account here for some guidance in my situation. 

So as of recent I decided to make a modded multiplayer server where my friends and I can play minecraft using mods of course.

I followed a helpful tutorial and at first the server was running just fine but I noticed none of the mods were working whatsoever. To give an example, I'm using a mod named "Advent of Ascension" and none of the enemy mobs showed up anywhere. Biomes o' Plenty didn't load any new terrains. Everything was just... blank basically. So I was looking around here and other places as to what may be the problem so I can fix it and have the mods load properly and I have no idea what I did that now 1) The server starts running but then shuts down due to some weird mod errors by the looks of it (if I'm even understanding it right) and 2) The mods aren't working. So now I can't even access the server or let alone run it and it's a bit frustrating. I'd really like some help and proper solutions if anyone could please provide me with their insight. Below I will include whatever crash logs I can to help you have a better view of what may be going on. 

I eagerly await your responses and I thank you kindly in advance. 

- G.

crash-2019-09-08_15.17.24-server.txt fml-server-latest.log latest.log

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15 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

All your logs are for 1.7.10, which is no longer supported on this forum due to it's age.

If you have an issue with 1.12.2, post logs from that.

I'm not sure if I had to quote you on this or not for the thread so I apologize in advance if I didn't need to. Regardless I'll add what I have for 1.12.2 below.

latest.log crash-2019-09-08_14.15.53-server.txt crash-2019-09-07_00.28.06-server.txt

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26 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

The game ran out of memory. Give it more.

Alrighty, I believe I may have given that a shot with a ".bat" file I created (saw it off a video on youtube which seemed to have helped a lot of people) buttt it's still crashing. Am I still doing something wrong? If so what and how can I change the exceptions to prevent the server from crashing and actually loading

Here's the .bat file and the new crash log:

crash-2019-09-08_16.22.36-server.txt latest.log startserver.bat

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