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Need Help with asembling a custom modpack.


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Hello guys. I'm looking for help in correcting some massive bugs with a custom modpack i tried to assemble from two different modpacks plus my preferences... If anyone know anything about mods please let me know. I'm going to upload as much details as i can thus far. And some pictures as to the condition of the game.

So this is what happens as s oon as i load the world because the chunks won't load.


Ive also uploaded the last log report made today after loading the world and game.


pic. 2019-09-13_14_17_19.thumb.png.35ca92ea6bff9ffe04c5f8267165b0f9.png2019-09-13_14_17_15.thumb.png.0a038c38353aeeefe4cc9194a55bb6c0.png








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