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[1.14.4] Config values changed to default


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A little while ago I opened an issue because I could not get the config to load the changes made outside of minecraft. That has been fixed, and after I have the config loaded, I check the values:

	ModLoadingContext.get().registerConfig(ModConfig.Type.SERVER, Config.server_config, "server-utils.toml");
    	Config.loadConfig(Config.server_config, FMLPaths.CONFIGDIR.get().resolve("server-utils.toml").toString());


        if(Config.enableSpawn.get()) {
    		Logger.debug("Spawn has been Enabled!");
    	} else {
    		Logger.debug("Spawn has been Disabled!");

When the code runs this it shows that the values that I changed in the file are changed, for this issue, it printed that Spawn was disabled, because in the file it was set to false. So that works as expected. However, later on in the code, when I call back to the issue to check the value, it is set to true. The code that I use to check it is this:

	Logger.debug("The config option for EnableSpawn is set to: " + Config.enableSpawn.get().toString());
	if(Config.enableSpawn.get()) {
	} else {
		Logger.debug("Spawn commands disabled");

This prints out and says that the value of enableSpawn is true, when earlier it was false. This seems like I am doing something wrong still, but I have no idea. The only way that I could think of to make this work is to store the values  of the config elsewhere and use those after initializing them at the start, after the config was loaded. But this seems like a bad solution. If anyone can help me understand the issue, I would be very glad.

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