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[1.14] Output redstone signal for all sides except input


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I am creating a 5 way 'repeater clone' block which takes an input to 1 side and outputs a signal of strength 15 from all the other faces when active. I don't understand yet how the redstone methods work within Forge and I haven't been able to accomplish this. I haven't been able to find any tutorials or documentation to point me on the right path, and reviewing the RepeaterBlock and RedstoneDiodeBlock classes haven't helped much. Anybody can show me how to accomplish this?

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public int getWeakPower(BlockState blockState, IBlockReader blockAccess, BlockPos pos, Direction side) {
    return super.getWeakPower(blockState, blockAccess, pos, side);

method can be overridden. (You should also override getStrongPower to return the value of getWeakPower). If you return 15 from there, then all sides will output a 15-strength redstone signal. Now you can get the input side from the blockstate and return 15 for all but the input side.

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