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Kuarry [1.12.2]


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Kuarry is a mod that adds an upgradable quarry that teleports resources to itself and replaces these resources with a placeholder block called "denatured stone" instead of digging a huge hole in the ground.

It's somewhat akin to the Ender Quarry from Actually Additions 1.


The mod is on an early stage right now and player testing is needed, but the essential parts of it are in.


Kuarry upgrades

  • Hardened/Reinforced upgrades add more energy and upgrade storage
  • X/Z area extension upgrades that extend the mining to one more chunk along the X or Z axis. The kuarry only scans a single chunk by default, but inserting 2 of these upgrades would increase it to 8.
  • Silk touch upgrade makes the kuarry mine blocks as if with silk touch
  • Luck I/II/III upgrades make the kuarry mines the blocks as if with a luck enchantment
  • Speed upgrade makes it mine faster
  • A custom filter to allow filtering what blocks are mined, includes two modes:
    • Blacklist: disallow mining specified blocks, either adding the blocks specified to the default blacklist (some base game blocks you likely don't want to mine) or only disallowing mining the blocks specified in the filter and ignoring the default blacklist
    • Whitelist: only mines the specified blocks
  • Fluid collection upgrade allows to collect fluids into the fluid inventory and filter them by putting buckets into the filter
  • XP collection upgrade allows to collect XP from some of the mined blocks into the fluid inventory

Kuarry features

  • Four modes: Always active, Always inactive, Active with redstone, Inactive with redstone
  • Shows an approximate amount of recources left in the area
  • Can show the mining area with a big red outline in the world if enabled in the kuarry GUI
  • Can autopush to BuildCraft and ThermalDynamics pipes if enabled in the kuarry GUI
  • Can receive energy as RF/FE or buildcraft MJ
  • Has an OpenComputers API to control most of the aforementioned things via an adapter
  • Base items have specially conifured Thaumcraft aspects to steer the automatic aspect generator in the right direction
  • TheOneProbe integration
  • In addition to resources, can also collect fluids and experience




The kuarry GUI and the upgrades



How it looks



The filter GUI



The fluid inventory GUI



0.3.1: Changelog & Download

0.3: Changelog & Download



Github Curseforge

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Updated for 0.3.1
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