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Any way to render text at different sizes?


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So I am learning how to code Minecraft mods and I am trying to render something onto the screen while in-game. I have done that and I'm trying to work out how to make it render smaller than it usually is. By the way, I am doing this in 1.7.10, not in the later versions.


Here is my class to render the text but I'm unsure on how to change the text size.

public class GuiNotif extends Gui
	    String text = "Hello world!";
	    public GuiNotif(Minecraft mc)
	        ScaledResolution scaled = new ScaledResolution(mc, mc.displayWidth, mc.displayHeight);
	        int width = scaled.getScaledWidth();
	        int height = scaled.getScaledHeight();
	        drawCenteredString(mc.fontRenderer, text, width / 2, 1, Integer.parseInt("FFAA00", 16));


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