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    • To be honest moving them manually is way too hard, some of the pieces are tilted and it seems that they move according to their local rotation so.. I forfeit on that. I'm willing to redo the entire thing because I prefer having something clean rather than twiking some values to cheat on the render. Could you explain how to implement your local ModelRenderers method regarding 'setRotationAngles', 'render' and the constructor ? If I get it right, I should only have the ModelRenderer variables declared within the constructor (otherwise they would magicaly be detected and rendered twice if I understood correctly) but then I have to change the .showModel boolean also in the constructor ? Thank you!
    • I would recommend looking at sources of other mods. I used to learn modding via looking at Botania, which provides a pretty good example of various systems (particles, recipes, etc).   I personally find examples of Forge API not as necessary as code examples in other API/framework, as the vanilla code serves as a pretty good example itself. However, if you prefer examples, TGG has a tutorial consisting of examples: here.
    • Hi, I'm trying to download orespawn. I have minecraft 1.16.1. I can't get forge to launch on my laptop. please help! thanks
    • It doesn't fulfill your need, since it doesn't update when the middle item changes.   I would say that since anvil is almost never used without a middle item (renaming is its own case), it would bring extra fuss (unnecessary event subscriber calls) to fire the event subscriber when the middle item changes. It can be made to do stuff without a center item, but it shouldn't design-wise IMO. However you could propose a PR and see what others think.
    • Thank you for the help @ChampionAsh5357--the logical sides issue makes sense, and I didn't realize that getWorldForge defaulted to null for instances of ChunkPrimer.     For a second I thought that I was just being dumb about the Biome argument, but no, there is still an issue with that. The Biome parameter is always a reference to the custom biome which is being built, regardless of what the biome ACTUALLY is at the position (specifically, in the case of biome transitions, rivers, etc.). I was trying to determine what the "dominant" biome was at a position (i.e. the one that you get from World#getBiome). I can't think of any way to do this, however, without crossing over logical sides--any ideas on this would be incredibly helpful!
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