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[1.8.9] Shading new version of netty


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Hi! I have some troubles with my gradle. I installed shadow into it, and tried shading the netty package by doing:

dependencies {
    compile group: 'io.netty', name: 'netty-all', version: '4.1.29.Final'


    configurations = [project.configurations.compile]
    relocate 'io.netty', 'com.hofill.netty'



This is the only shadow related thing I have in my build.gradle.

After I did this, I reimported the gradle packages, and then went in my code to do :


new com.hofill.netty.handler.proxy.Socks5ProxyHandler()


Which resulted in the program telling me:

  • package com.hofill.netty.handler.proxy does not exist


What did I do wrong? I tried the srgExtra() but that didn't work out for me either. Could you guys please help me? Thanks a ton

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