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I've made my custom own launcher. It runs vanilla minecraft fine, but when I want to use forge it goes looking for the forge jars not in the libraries folder. Forge will go exactly 3 folders up. That's the amount forge normally needs if it is in your .minecraft/versions/1.14.4-forge-28.2.0 folder to search for the libraries folder. The problem is is that my libraries folder only 1 up is and not 3. Also forge goes specifficly looking for the net/minecraftforge/forge/1.14.4-28.2.0/forge-1.14.4-28.2.0-universal.jar and does not just search for the forge-1.14.4-28.2.0-universal.jar in the libraries folder.

My question is is it posibble to specify the 
libraries folder in any way when I'm gonna run forge?

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2 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

First of all you should not be letting people enter their Mojang credentials into your software.

Second, you are clearly not competent enough to even remotely understand how to write a launcher.


If you want to do it, do it like Twitch and delegate to the official launcher.

Okay then I will do it like Twitch, but I have a question. Why did mojang make an api for loggingin for every one to use and make a documentation about it if noone is gona use it?

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