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Mods not applying


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Hey everyone I was hoping that you could all help me with a problem, my friend had recently set up a server with an attached modpack, so I download the appropriate forge (1.12.2) and add the mods to my folder labeled "mods" after my game started, where it says the amount of active mods, it only said four were active, despite the fact that it should be roughly 20-30, can anyone help?

I do not know how relevant the following information is but here you go anyway:

The mods are all for the correct version, especially considering my friends can play with the exact same ones, single player worlds also do not show mods, the mods are the correct version themselves (i.e.g backpacks 3.5.8 for 1.12.2,) I do play on mac, and for whatever reason I do not have a Bin file.

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