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Really Need Help! Enigmatica 2 Crashes When Launched


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So I was running the 1.76a version and everything was perfect, I had a couple of mods installed (Optifine, Biome Bundle, OTG, Lag Goggles and Vanilla Fix), however, when I updated it to 1.77 it started to crash when I launched it. After 3 or so hours of asking around, I had moved the location of the modpack and changed it through the Twitch launcher, tried taking out Lag Goggles as that seemed to be the problem, which it wasn't. I then created a new instance of Enigmatica 2 Expert with no extra mods on 1.77 and it loaded perfectly. I then tried to copy each mod over, and it all loaded perfectly. I finally went to transfer my saves over however it said this:image.png.33927a8fed84e13162abf12a387524a8.png


I would prefer to get the original profile I was using working, also after all of that didn't work I tried to change the version back to 1.76a however the crashes still happened.
Here is what the crash said:

Game Output: https://paste.dimdev.org/natuqoyira.md

Launcher Log:https://paste.dimdev.org/kavojacoza.coffeescript
Please, if anyone can help me here I'd greatly appreciate it, I spent all of yesterday trying to just get back to my world and I am completely clueless on this, I really need your guys' help.

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