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Replace ServerWorld with a mod


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I'm working on a mod to improve server performance by adding partial multithreading to the ServerWorld class. (It's quite complicated how I am doing this without introducing race conditions, but I've already completely worked out the logic for this.) The hope is that, even with many players on a server in multiple dimensions, performance doesn't start to sag due to ticks taking too long to run. I could recompile the actual ServerWorld class with my changes, and just distribute/run a modified version of forge on my servers, but I would rather implement this change through a mod. Is there a way that the ServerWorld class could be replaced during runtime by a class in my mod? I'm already mostly finished with a replacement, which I've called ThreadedServerWorld, but don't really know much about minecraft/forge so I can't actually get the game to use it instead of the built in ServerWorld. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm happy to hear them out.

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