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    • This is no good news but thank you
    • Hi all! I'm trying to make a container bookshelf in my mod. I made my block and my tile entity. In the tile entity i overrided the method createMenu: @Override protected Container createMenu(int id, PlayerInventory player) { ChestContainer container = ChestContainer.createGeneric9X3(id, player); return container; } At this point all works fine, when i harvest my block all items are saved and when i place it are restored.  When i move itemstack from an inventory to an other it seems to work. Now i want to make my container accept only books. I want to filter items inserted. The ChestContainer class instances his Slot where isItemValid returns always true. To replace the slot class I tried to create my own container, copied fron ChestContainer, and my own slot class where i overrided boolean isItemValid(ItemStack stack):   package com.polipo.bookshelf.container; import net.minecraft.entity.player.PlayerEntity; import net.minecraft.entity.player.PlayerInventory; import net.minecraft.inventory.IInventory; import net.minecraft.inventory.Inventory; import net.minecraft.inventory.container.Container; import net.minecraft.inventory.container.ContainerType; import net.minecraft.inventory.container.Slot; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; import net.minecraftforge.api.distmarker.Dist; import net.minecraftforge.api.distmarker.OnlyIn; /** * Copied from ChestContainer to replace the slots instances in the constructor. * * @author giacomo * */ public class ContainerGcmBookshelf extends Container { private final IInventory lowerChestInventory; private final int numRows; private ContainerGcmBookshelf(ContainerType<?> type, int id, PlayerInventory player, int rows) { this(type, id, player, new Inventory(9 * rows), rows); } public static ContainerGcmBookshelf createGeneric9X1(int id, PlayerInventory player) { return new ContainerGcmBookshelf(ContainerType.GENERIC_9X1, id, player, 1); } public static ContainerGcmBookshelf createGeneric9X2(int id, PlayerInventory player) { return new ContainerGcmBookshelf(ContainerType.GENERIC_9X2, id, player, 2); } public static ContainerGcmBookshelf createGeneric9X3(int id, PlayerInventory player) { return new ContainerGcmBookshelf(ContainerType.GENERIC_9X3, id, player, 3); } public static ContainerGcmBookshelf createGeneric9X4(int id, PlayerInventory player) { return new ContainerGcmBookshelf(ContainerType.GENERIC_9X4, id, player, 4); } public static ContainerGcmBookshelf createGeneric9X5(int id, PlayerInventory player) { return new ContainerGcmBookshelf(ContainerType.GENERIC_9X5, id, player, 5); } public static ContainerGcmBookshelf createGeneric9X6(int id, PlayerInventory player) { return new ContainerGcmBookshelf(ContainerType.GENERIC_9X6, id, player, 6); } public static ContainerGcmBookshelf createGeneric9X3(int id, PlayerInventory player, IInventory blockEntity) { return new ContainerGcmBookshelf(ContainerType.GENERIC_9X3, id, player, blockEntity, 3); } public static ContainerGcmBookshelf createGeneric9X6(int id, PlayerInventory player, IInventory blockEntity) { return new ContainerGcmBookshelf(ContainerType.GENERIC_9X6, id, player, blockEntity, 6); } public ContainerGcmBookshelf(ContainerType<?> type, int id, PlayerInventory playerInventoryIn, IInventory p_i50092_4_, int rows) { super(type, id); assertInventorySize(p_i50092_4_, rows * 9); this.lowerChestInventory = p_i50092_4_; this.numRows = rows; p_i50092_4_.openInventory(playerInventoryIn.player); int i = (this.numRows - 4) * 18; for (int j = 0; j < this.numRows; ++j) { for (int k = 0; k < 9; ++k) { //Replace new Slot whit my GcmBookshelfSlot this.addSlot(new GcmBookshelfSlot(p_i50092_4_, k + j * 9, 8 + k * 18, 18 + j * 18)); } } for (int l = 0; l < 3; ++l) { for (int j1 = 0; j1 < 9; ++j1) { this.addSlot(new Slot(playerInventoryIn, j1 + l * 9 + 9, 8 + j1 * 18, 103 + l * 18 + i)); } } for (int i1 = 0; i1 < 9; ++i1) { this.addSlot(new Slot(playerInventoryIn, i1, 8 + i1 * 18, 161 + i)); } } /** * Determines whether supplied player can use this container */ @Override public boolean canInteractWith(PlayerEntity playerIn) { return this.lowerChestInventory.isUsableByPlayer(playerIn); } /** * Handle when the stack in slot {@code index} is shift-clicked. Normally this * moves the stack between the player inventory and the other inventory(s). */ @Override public ItemStack transferStackInSlot(PlayerEntity playerIn, int index) { ItemStack itemstack = ItemStack.EMPTY; Slot slot = this.inventorySlots.get(index); if (slot != null && slot.getHasStack()) { ItemStack itemstack1 = slot.getStack(); itemstack = itemstack1.copy(); if (index < this.numRows * 9) { if (!this.mergeItemStack(itemstack1, this.numRows * 9, this.inventorySlots.size(), true)) { return ItemStack.EMPTY; } } else if (!this.mergeItemStack(itemstack1, 0, this.numRows * 9, false)) { return ItemStack.EMPTY; } if (itemstack1.isEmpty()) { slot.putStack(ItemStack.EMPTY); } else { slot.onSlotChanged(); } } return itemstack; } /** * Called when the container is closed. */ @Override public void onContainerClosed(PlayerEntity playerIn) { super.onContainerClosed(playerIn); this.lowerChestInventory.closeInventory(playerIn); } /** * Gets the inventory associated with this chest container. * * @see #field_75155_e */ public IInventory getLowerChestInventory() { return this.lowerChestInventory; } @OnlyIn(Dist.CLIENT) public int getNumRows() { return this.numRows; } } package com.polipo.bookshelf.container; import com.polipo.bookshelf.config.BookshelfConfig; import net.minecraft.inventory.IInventory; import net.minecraft.inventory.container.Slot; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; public class GcmBookshelfSlot extends Slot { public GcmBookshelfSlot(IInventory inventoryIn, int index, int xPosition, int yPosition) { super(inventoryIn, index, xPosition, yPosition); } /** * Check if the stack is allowed to be placed in this slot, used for armor slots * as well as furnace fuel. */ @Override public boolean isItemValid(ItemStack stack) { return BookshelfConfig.canInsert(stack); } } But now nothing works When i move items from an inventory to the others they disappear either if they are books or not. Maybe i should change transferStackInSlot? But how? Is this correct way to make a container to filter items to be inserted?  Thanks  a lot of your help  
    • 1.12 is not supported on this thread
    • Bro how hard is it to just read the fucking docs and ask here "Hey community how to deal with X? How do I also get around crash A? Also, I can't seem to understand how func C works, can someone give me any idea?"   It's completely ok to get criticized in these posts, those criticisms actually help you (They also helped me ALOT) from improving code to understanding stuff in a better way, you might even find easier work-arounds for your code and problems   Quit being a jerk, "wOmAn LoSeRs!1!" lmao, seriously, you're being triggered cause we didn't help the guy here due to you fucking interrupting this thread, just make your own thread that no one will bother talking in crying about TechnoVision, TurtyWurty and HarryTalks, it's like if you're their mascot/cheerleader, relax   Also can we just point out your name? Don't talk if don't help, that's what you did here, you interrupted a thread and did nothing helpful other than backing TechnoVision, good job buddy!   Now back to the thread (All of the above was directed at @DontTalkIfDontHelp, not you allwrighty!) @allwrighty1, please be abit clear next time, what's your issue exactly? btw you can watch McJTY, and I think atleast the difference between him and TechnoVision is that he knows what he's doing, he helped me in solving my Data Generators problems, also he has like 4 mods that are used in tons of packs, that's enough to make him good, he has both docs and videos (not yet updated to 1.16 I think but I am sure nothing changed that much? correct me on that one), too!
    • Is someone knows how to make custom animations for entity? Not model , just add animations for that. I can make animations for entity model in Blockbench but I need to add them for mob in game.    In the topic you can find my whale that got animations. If someone knows how to make custom animations , please write me.
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