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Confused since 1.15.2


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Hello, I have run into a small problem. The FORGE documentary points to this function in the Item class: setHasSubtypes(boolean) , ...but I can't find it in the new 1.15.2 FORGE, even though I have the newest mapping. Has the name changed, or has it been totally removed? Plz help.

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Some general advice from a guru




Cross-referencing, a quick how-to

Oh no! Method FooClass.BarMethod disappeared in 1.13/1.14! Where did it go? Follow these easy steps for a guaranteed 80% success rate!

  • Open a 1.12 workspace (this is why you use a separate workspace to update, by the way)
  • Browse to FooClass.BarMethod
  • Use your IDE's find usages tool to see where it was called from in vanilla
  • Pick a call site
  • Go to that same call site in 1.13/1.14
  • What does it call instead?
  • ???
  • Profit


But actually the specific answer to your question is that item sub-types don't exist any more.  Each sub-type is now a completely separate Item instance.

That page I linked to talks about it further.


If you want to see a working example of how Items with sub-types work now, you might find this useful


See mbe11



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