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1.14.4 - How to make a crafting recipe to NOT mirror?


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21 minutes ago, Kikoz said:

Recipes are automatically also valid when mirrored left-right. I don't want this for my recipes. Is there any way to do it?

Umm, how does your recipe look like? Is there a reason it needs to be mirror selective? In real life most things doesn't care whenever its mirrored or not, only the weak force care as far as we've discovered.

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Based on the code in ShapedRecipe.matches(), which hard-codes checking for the mirrored version, I think the only way is probably to register your own recipe handler which is more or less an exact copy of ShapedRecipe but omits the mirror check.  There appears to be a registry of IRecipeSerializer which looks promising i.e. you create your new NonMirroredSerializer and register it in the appropriate event, probably something like


@SubscribeEvent public static void onItemsRegistration(final RegistryEvent.Register<Item> itemRegisterEvent) {

  public static void onRecipeRegistration(final RegistryEvent.Register<IRecipeSerializer<?>> recipeRegisterEvent) {


That's just a pure guess on my part, haven't tried it out, but I think it's worth a try



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