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world.addParticle usage


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Hi guys, I recently started modding in minecraft, I have previous experience from a lot of languages, but for me, java is somehow different. Anyways, im creating a simple mod that creates some particles when you throw something in the fire. This is how the class looks like:

public class ThrowFireEvent {
	public static void ThrowFireEvent(ItemTossEvent event) {
		ItemEntity item = event.getEntityItem();
		World world = item.getEntityWorld();
		while(!item.isBurning()) {
			if(item.isBurning()) {
				double x = item.chunkCoordX;
				double y = item.chunkCoordY;
				double z = item.chunkCoordZ;

I want to create the particles with world.addParticles() but I can't find out what particleData means. Thanks for the helps and have a nice day! (Sorry for bad English)

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