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[1.15.2] WorldGen Carvers


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So, anybody have a good tutorial / documented example / hint guide on creating a Carver for 1.15.2 ?


My goal is to create a 'simple' underground fluid sphere; pretty much the same thing that Buildcraft has been doing for years.  Needs to be able to cross chunk boundaries.  (I could fit it into one chunk, but it's not as dramatic.)


Vanilla's UnderwaterCaveWorldCarver has an encouraging name, but I'm getting lost in a sea of obfuscation.


My experiments with registering my own have been less than successful.  The entry function is being called multiple times (50 or more) per chunk, way more than I expected.  I just don't understand enough about what carvers do and how then do it, even at a high level, to begin to piece together the vanilla code.


I could just make a self-destructing TE create the sphere, and I could be done and moving on in a few minutes.  But that feels like giving up.


As always, thanks!

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