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How to implement Fortnite aim-assist like code in Minecraft


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For those who don't really understand what is " Fortnite aim-assist", it is basically a feature implemented for controller players to make it harder to miss targets by doing the following:

- Lowering sensitivity when moving crosshair away from target exponentially to lower chances of slingshotting the cross hair.

- Automatically moving the crosshair relative to the hitbox of the target for an amount of time and strength (meaning you still need to move the joystick to keep up with the movement of the target)


I'm not necessarily asking for spoon feeding me all the code, just asking what solutions I could use to implement this. Should it be done on render event or tick event and should it be interpolated to ticks to avoid being frame-bound or not. What math equations or methods for accomplishing this with Minecraft's engine. 


Note: I am in NO WAY trying to support or create hacks for pvp, I am simply trying to level the field with players using a controller mod. The feature will be toggleable so it will be at the user's discretion and risk.

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