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[1.15.2] How to create a timer similar to Java util Timer using Forge methods


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I am currently using Java's built in Timer for my code, however I am facing problems such as it still running whilst the game is paused.

Is there a built in Timer for forge?


In my case, I need:

A timer that runs code after a fixed time

E.g when a key is pressed, wait five seconds then do something

A timer that runs code every tick for a fixed time

E.g when a key is pressed, do something constantly for five seconds


Any Help would be greatly appreciated!


- Roman


Edit: This is my first mod so if anything seems too obvious, please share because I'll have learned something!

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4 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Note that your current code is inherently broken, because it uses a separate thread and thus will break Minecraft's single-threaded assumptions.


Usually when you need delays you use a tick event and count ticks.

Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't realise the implications.

I will look into Forge's tick events as I'm new to modding Minecraft.


Thanks for the help!

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