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Multiple part obj problem


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Hello everyone,


I have implemented a obj file for the rendering of my block but the OBJLoader seems to only register the first part and ignoring the others three. I am very need to all this so I don't know how to modify obj file to let it work.

I put here the rendering of my block and the rendering that I wanted with blockbench.


what I want


what I get...

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Try setting a breakpoint in OBJModel or OBJLoader and watching what happens during the parsing of your obj file.

The OBJ file format is very simple, you can open it in Notepad.  A quick google will show you how to understand it.


My first thoughts -

Is your file a single object or four separate parts?  

Are the faces on the three arms inside out?



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8 hours ago, TheGreyGhost said:


Try setting a breakpoint in OBJModel or OBJLoader

yes that is very good idea I have done it and it looks like it is reading the v part and the vn part of each part but it is reading all vertex for one of the not displayed part and I don't understand why it is not considering the others part. On the other hand I don't know why I need to move my block origin in blockbench to 8 8 8 instead of doing it with normal origin at 0 0 0. For further information I give you the obj file here (turn_stile_main.obj) and the followed json file model associated (turn_stile_main_0.json)


turn_stile_main_0.obj turn_stile_main_0.json

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