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  1. it was not working because of the model json that was not placed. But now it works well thank you
  2. what do you mean by pre-computed ? is a tab with model for each possibilities created when using multipart ? for my mod I deleted the attributes. Another strange bug happened with lag in loading in minecraft : when I add .doesnotblockmovement to my blocks it is loading really slowly.
  3. you can use blockbench to visualised your bounding boxes and then add them with block.makecuboidShape to get one box and then VoxelShapes.or to make a shape that is the sum of multiple voxelshapes.
  4. for voxelshape it is impossible to make diagonal shape unfortunately. But what you can do is make cuboid that match your form correctly but I don't know if it is what you want..
  5. Hello everyone, I am doing a mod involving a panel block class. This block has multiple blockstateproperties : @Override protected void fillStateContainer(StateContainer.Builder<Block, BlockState> builder) { builder.add( BlockStateProperties.HORIZONTAL_FACING, GridSupport.ROTATED, GRID, NORTH_EAST, NORTH_WEST, SOUTH_EAST, SOUTH_WEST, BlockStateProperties.NORTH, BlockStateProperties.SOUTH, BlockStateProperties.WEST, BlockStateProperties.EAST ); }
  6. ok right but I don't know how to manage it and in fact it does not look right because when I place my block it replace the support by air instead of PanelBlock I don't understand why. I have done this both server and client side to avoid side problem and still the problem occurs. You can see here the code of my Registration : https://github.com/matt1999rd/SignMod/blob/master/src/main/java/fr/mattmouss/signs/fixedpanel/PanelRegister.java I put the block in the Packet send to server : https://github.com/matt1999rd/SignMod/blob/master/src/main/java/fr/mattmouss/signs/networking/Pac
  7. Hello everyone, in my new mod I am trying the TER implementation and I have started an empty TE with a TER and run it to see if anythings happened but it looks like nothing is done. Here is the links to all my staff : https://github.com/matt1999rd/SignMod/tree/master/src/main/java/fr/mattmouss/signs/tileentity I register this TER into the proxy as you can see here : https://github.com/matt1999rd/SignMod/tree/master/src/main/java/fr/mattmouss/signs/setup I don't know what I need to add to make sure it render even incorrectly
  8. I am returning to this topic because I am about to upload my mod and the function does not work for 1.14.4 unfortunately do someone have an idea of how to do it ?
  9. I finally found the error it was java error. In my te I am searching into the Map using HashMap#forEach and inside it I remove value in this same map. This is logically impossible and it crashes. I found the solution on using a List from outside function that register the value to delete. Thanks for your answer that was simplier than expected
  10. Hello everyone, in my mod, I am modifying a map to update it client side. At each tick, I am checking worldSavedData to match it with my te map on server side and then I put it to the client using a packet. But as I destroy two block I run into a very strange exception : ConcurentModificationException. Here is the code of the tile entity : Tile Entity I am using hashMap and here is the complete crash report : ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Daisy, daisy... Time: 25/04/20 10:36 Description: Ticking block entity java.util.ConcurrentModificationException: null at java.ut
  11. I don't know why but I change the order of the different part of the obj model and it works : maybe it is due to placement of block
  12. yes that is very good idea I have done it and it looks like it is reading the v part and the vn part of each part but it is reading all vertex for one of the not displayed part and I don't understand why it is not considering the others part. On the other hand I don't know why I need to move my block origin in blockbench to 8 8 8 instead of doing it with normal origin at 0 0 0. For further information I give you the obj file here (turn_stile_main.obj) and the followed json file model associated (turn_stile_main_0.json) turn_stile_main_0.obj turn_stile_main_0.json
  13. Hello everyone, I have implemented a obj file for the rendering of my block but the OBJLoader seems to only register the first part and ignoring the others three. I am very need to all this so I don't know how to modify obj file to let it work. I put here the rendering of my block and the rendering that I wanted with blockbench. what I want what I get...
  14. for this mod I have not upload it on git hub. I have posted it just now : https://github.com/matt1999rd/switchrail the block concerned is SwitchLever and oneWayPoweredRail. For switchLever it is using Rarity.UNCOMMON. That is it I have modified the rarity and I have change it to COMMON for the oneWayPoweredRail thank you !
  15. Hello Everyone, I have upload one of my mod to add a new block and I was wondering why this block and an other item of my inventory are displayed in yellow instead of normal white. It does work properly but I don't know if this mean of uncomplete block or something else.
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