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Not being able to load my sword texture 1.12.2


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Hi guys, i've decided to start with minecraft modding as a way to be and stay busy and focused on a goal.

I found a guide, ( GUIDE IM FOLLOWING ) and i've been sucessfull on troublesoothing some problems, until i reached the part where i have to set my texture and define it and what not. (Sword works fine - purple and black square is the texture)
Specifically talking about the package in Eclipse, it might be me who didn't understood or the guide may be missing some small steps, not sure which.



Now make two more packages inside of assets.sword.


Name these “assets.sword.textures” and “assets.sword.lang”.


Once these are made, drag in the en_us.lang, my_sword.json, and my_sword.png to their respective folders as shown in the image below.

But the image shown, is this one:
Asset Image


What i did was try to replicate the image shown with the new packages, being these: models.item & textures.items both inside the assets.sword package.

My package explorer:

Package Explorer


I think the code is correct, but i'm a complete noob, just being crystal clear.

Also, First post! :D

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