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Advantages and Drawbacks of ObjectHolder vs DefferedRegister


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My understanding of ObjectHolder and DefferedRegister is quite limited in scope. So, I am wondering what are the main advantages and drawbacks of using either to understand their implementation better. From what I've gathered, ObjectHolder uses a type of dependency injection to hold the value of a field. On the other hand, DeferredRegister uses RegistryObject created by suppliers. Most people use ForgeRegistries when using DefferedRegister even though it should go through GameRegistry instead. ForgeRegistries should be used for query and iterations usually instead of appending to the registry. Is this just a giant thing of preference or is there some difference, maybe some sort of coupling?


Thank you.

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Thank you very much.


14 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

I don't know where you got this idea from. GameRegistry, nowadays, is a very barren class, only a single method is present which allows you to find a forge registry by its type. ForgeRegistries is the exact right tool for this job, it contains references to all the builtin registries.

This idea I got from the ForgeRegistries class itself. There is an comment for a javadoc that states such a thing.

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