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Achievement not working - please help (MC 1.7.10)


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Hello all,
I am trying to program an achievement on picking up a certain item in my mod, but cannot get it to work.
My mod is targeting MC 1.7.10. I know it's old but I like to work with that version for now.
This is the relevant code (I think) in my Mod, and I suspect something is not right - please help me:



(from my main class)

public void init(FMLInitializationEvent event)
Item linxiumItem = new LinxiumItem("linxiumItem");
GameRegistry.registerItem(linxiumItem, "linxiumItem");

ach = new Achievement("", "LinxiumAchievement", 0, 0, linxiumItem, null);
FMLCommonHandler.instance().bus().register(new EventListener());


(my item class)

public class LinxiumItem extends Item {
public LinxiumItem(String itemName)
this.setTextureName(ExampleMod.MODID + ":" + itemName);


(my event listener)

public class EventListener {
public void pickup(ItemPickupEvent event)
if(event.pickedUp.getEntityItem().getItem() == ExampleMod.linxiumItem)
event.player.addStat(ExampleMod.ach, 1);









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