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    I'm minecraft modder and im trying to make mods for people to have fun! But sometimes i don't know some things so i try to find them on forums! Thanks!

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  1. You are probably getting this error because you updated your mappings.
  2. And there is also an non-efficient way to get the name, and that is to just see the recommendations that your coding program gives you.
  3. Though, i am not getting errors for that function.
  4. You should provide more details such as screenshots and logs (if you ran the game with the erros)
  5. If you already didn't search it up then here. if you did and nothing worked, you should try calling your ISP and asking them to open the port you want.
  6. So, i just tried to upgrade my mod to 1.16.3, and everything worked fine, but when i tried to run the task "genIntelliJRuns" it throws an error Failed to get asset: minecraft/lang/az_az.json Some assets failed to download or validate, try running the task again. Idk what to do, i saw the threads before, that i should delete the .gradle folder and try again, and i did that but still nothing. i also tried making a new project 3 times, and yet still nothing...
  7. Here https://github.com/ItzVik/iMOD it took a long time to upload the files, my internet is not very good right now. the files might not appear immediately tho.
  8. As most of you know i have an mod called HystelMC (now called iMOD) but when i tried to update it to 1.16.1 everything was fine until i put my armor on, it didnt crash. It just doesnt have an texture, it looks like this
  9. hey, do you know a way to change my mod id without going separately into each file?
  10. Oh I forgot I had that, I actually deleted it but forgot to commit it to GitHub.
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