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    I'm minecraft modder and im trying to make mods for people to have fun! But sometimes i don't know some things so i try to find them on forums! Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for that! But I also need to subscribe to the event when the player joins the server, what is the event called and how do I subscribe to it?
  2. Hello, sorry for bumping this but I still haven't found a way to do this.
  3. I need the IP so I can store per server player data and also access some external APIs.
  4. I'd like to get the server address of the server the player joined/is connected to, and to also check if the player is playing singleplayer if no server address is found. How would I do this?
  5. Hey, so, I am trying to create a chest using my code from the 1.15 tutorial by TurtyWurty I've followed everything, but the problem is it gives me this error when i right click on the block: Failed to create screen for menu type: imod:bluestone_chest I have a github repo for my mod, here it is. Also dont mind the chest texture if you are looking at it, i will change it, as soon as i get this fixed.
  6. Okay doesnt matter, i just changed the mappings channel from the official to the latest snapshot (20210309-1.16.5). It works now how its supposed to.
  7. Hey, so I was taking a break from minecraft modding and then today i decided to go back and do some modding again. I saw that my latest version of my mod was 1.16.3, so i decided to update it to 1.16.5. Then I found out that they renamed basically everything, and now im stuck with this problem, the problem is that its not the same code as in the 1.16.3 because the voxel shapes and facing things dont work in this version. So i just deleted them, and now i dont know how to fix this. These blocks have no rotation and no boundary boxes, since i deleted them. I never liked working with them, for me they are annoying. And yeah as i said, the problem is that the custom block model makes the block underneath or beside it transparent. The code is basic, basically just a constructor in a class and some properties in the init class. Any help appreciated!
  8. You are probably getting this error because you updated your mappings.
  9. And there is also an non-efficient way to get the name, and that is to just see the recommendations that your coding program gives you.
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