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    • I also have all the positions I need for the next and previous tiles (markers) within the NBT storage of each marker so i'm wondering if using the TER approach would be better since I don't need the position of the player.
    • I just have this left to do to fix Client-Side Only issues i think. I've directly created the KeyBinding object inside the register method in the client event, also removing the static init I had, but now I cannot access the key from outside to check for example, if that key is being pressed.     Is there a way to check that key status? or a better way to register the key without violating the Client-Side Only code thing, and being able to access it by other methods?
    • So i've managed to get it working (partially). I've attached an image of it. Essentially it kinda works. It renders properly but say if another render event happens during when I place the markers down, this line gets broken. It also produces a random pattern when logging back in and out. This is acctually kinda cool and i'm guessing is because the render world last event is essentially pretty much random.   static void drawTileToTile(TileEntity tileStart, TileEntity tileEnd, ClientPlayerEntity player, MatrixStack matrixStack){ IRenderTypeBuffer.Impl buffer = Minecraft.getInstance().getRenderTypeBuffers().getBufferSource(); IVertexBuilder lineBuilder = buffer.getBuffer(CustomRenderTypes.THICK_LINES); BlockPos tileStartPos = tileStart.getPos(); BlockPos tileEndPos = tileEnd.getPos(); float[] lineColour = getLineColour(tileStart.getBlockState().getBlock()); drawLine(lineBuilder, generateProjectedMatrix(matrixStack),tileStartPos.getX() + 0.5f,tileStartPos.getY() + 0.6f,tileStartPos.getZ() + 0.5f, tileEndPos.getX() + 0.5f, tileEndPos.getY() + 0.5f, tileEndPos.getZ() + 0.5f, lineColour); matrixStack.pop(); buffer.finish(CustomRenderTypes.THICK_LINES); } Modified code for drawing between tiles. I included
    • So basically, I'm trying to install Forge. Well, I used google chrome first, and it did download, however when I tried to open it (There was the little box at the bottom of the screen that shows my installs/downloads, and I clicked on it to open it), It basically just downloaded again. Everytime I try to open it, it downloads a duplicate. I then tried Internet Explorer, and it just brought me back to google chrome and did that again. I then went to my files and tried to  open it from there, but it brought me back, yet again, to Google chrome and downloaded a copy. What's happening? 
    • Hello, how can I write VoxelShape inside TileEntity-CompoundNBT tag? Or if its not possible or not-effective, how do I fire event when Client player connects to the server?
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