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[1.15.2] Registry Object not present. Why does this happen?


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https://github.com/JGgithub2018/Vanilla-Automation Repo for the mod.




I am working on a mod for 1.15.2. In fact, my first mod. I followed a tutorial from TechnoVision (previously Loremaster), but replacing base classes with helper methods, since it's much cleaner to use helper methods. TechnoVision has yet to release a video on making blocks, so I went ahead and tried to do it myself. However, I ran into this issue and I'm not sure why this happens.

I'm using a helper method on the ModRegistry.Blocks class which registers BlockItems for each block. However, an exception occurs in the for each loop, specifically when getting entries. Since when did the register not have an object that was just registered?


Thanks everyone.

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Just because you put a method in-between two registers doesn't mean anything. You're trying to register the BlockItem before the Blocks have even had a chance to be registered. If you want to register an item block the way you're doing it, you have to wait for each block to be registered and then activate your method. Otherwise, use the same instance of the block used when registering in your item.


One of the easiest examples of registering the block and item at the same time is like so:

private static <T extends Block> RegistryObject<T> register(String id, T block, @Nullable Function<T, BlockItem> item) {
	if(item != null) CustomItems.ITEMS.register(id, () -> item.apply(block));
	return BLOCKS.register(id, () -> block);


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